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An Unparalleled Toronto based Production/Distribution/Film Promotion Company

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Now known as Roger Nair productions Films (RNPF) is a Toronto based production,
Distribution and Film Promotion Company with a track record paralleled by none.
RNPF is the film production arm of RNP. In addition to the producing of Film content as Home
productions, suppplying of film equipment, RNPF serves as a co-producer and provides
assistance with financing and content. Moreover, it can run a complete production on the
Canadian side. RNPF also takes care of the acquisition and handling of the multitude of
Canada’s and and North America’s regional and national film subsidies and deals with
Government bodies TFTO, OMDC, and NFB..
We also invite you to bring your motion picture, television and web series to Lionheart. Take
advantage of our vast production facilities, competitive rates and more than two decade of
production experience. All of our production facilities are available to you and you are welcome
to bring some or all of your own crews into our service production wing. We are here to serve
you with quality, convenience, and cost effectiveness.

You can visit us at RogerNair Productions

For all your Film Needs.

Lion heart Production offers full production support – with professional and experienced teams. Our crews have supported various feature films, music videos and documentaries that have been
shot in Canada. We also belong to production service networks throughout Canada.

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